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Content monetization through NFT

Videoverse is a mobile and web-based video content distribution application with the ability to sell ownership rights through NFT, incorporating a video portal and a NFT marketplace
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Decentralized video distribution portal & NFT Marketplace
Provides creators with unlimited, transparent and fair monetization tools
Audience can get profit in the future from the collected videos
Crypto and credit card payments availability to attract wide audience
Monetization of existing content, crowdfunding and promotion of new content
Explore feed
Search & Explore adopts to user interest based on a variety of factors including user history, likes and savings. Smart selection predicts which videos from the site will spark user interest
Videoverse simplifies the process of creators generating NFTs from their videos in just a few clicks, making it as effortless as consumers purchasing them
Collections allow combining NFTs into a single set with a common idea, subject and style unique to it
Simple, powerful and secure custodial wallet for crypto and NFTs. Users can easily receive, hold, swap and send all assets listed on the exchange

Empowering Content Creators

Showcase your quality and exclusive content to the world
Get paid fair and transparent payment while staying informed about your earnings and royalties
Connect with audiences, creators, and investors all on a single platform
Grow your following by sharing highlights, teasers, behind-the-scenes content, and regular updates
Establish relevant monetization models and competitive pricing to provide access and ownership of your content
Easily transform videos into exclusive digital assets using the platform's built-in minting tools, without any complicated settings

Smooth user experience

A mobile app that facilitates the discovery, trading, and investment in video content while keeping you connected with the community
A mobile solution for video enthusiasts who enjoy watching content at home, on the go, or during breaks at work - anytime, anywhere

Technical innovations

The ability to mint NFTs on the fastest and most cost-effective blockchain, Everscale, boosts sales volumes and enables flexible pricing policies
Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts support audited by OpenZeppelin for a worldwide standard collections
Built-in Custodial crypto wallet with high-level security by Scalable Solutions helps newbies start their Web3 experience easier
A revenue payments by wire transfer with fiat money or in crypto

Flexible solution

Bring your community NFT project to life based on Yello platform. Get inspired by our featured products